About us  :

Tulip Flowers has been creating beautiful and memorable designs since 2013, building a reputation around the world for colorful and creative floral creations perfectly matched to every occasion and setting.

What started out as a Shop of simple, stylish UAE flowers - beautifully presented, has grown to become one of the world’s most respected and admired floral design companies – setting the standard for floral quality, style and elegance.

With creative Retails & Online Store in UAE, and aiming to go international

Tulip Flowers is a truly international affair, with customers in UAE, KSA, Qatar, USA, UK, Kuwait, Oman & Bahrain.



Guarantee of Satisfaction

we guarantee both the quality and value of our product to be entirely for your satisfaction and Before your order is dispatched, our staff will contact you with a WhatsApp pictures /video of your order, for your approval.